BMW 225i Windscreen Replacement

This fantastic example of a BMW 225i has had its windscreen repaired and replaced.Unfortunately windscreens get damaged through normal road use wear-and-tear and BMW is no different.

To decide whether a windscreen can be repaired or replaced we first examine the damage to your windscreen to see if the size and location of the damage is fixable.

If the damage can be repaired, we clean the area where the damage occurred. This includes using a vacuum device to remove any trapped air from the area. After that we inject an acrylic resin which is cured using an ultraviolet lamp.

Once the resin has cured we remove any excess resin and polish the repair to ensure it is smooth. A chip can quickly turn into a crack which impacts the safety of your car.

Repairing a windscreen is often better than replacing it. It will save you time, money and is better for the environment, as most broken windscreens end up in landfill. Save the environment and your back pocket by having your chipped windscreen investigated today.

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