Lamborghini Aventador 14 Windscreen Repair

Quality Fit Windscreens was excited to work on a 2014, Lamborghini Aventador. This LP-700- 4 Coupe is an extremely rare car, with only 5000 Aventador models made since the launch in 2011. This super car replaced the decade old Murciélago as Lamborghini’s new flagship model. Lamborghini like to take their time designing a new car, with their old range spanning half a century. It displays the unmistakable Lambourghini DNA while strengthening the mix of dynamism, refinement, and the characteristic aggressive lines derived from both nature and aeronautics – it is the closest thing to a stealth fighter on the road.

Working on such a unique model is, naturally, a time consuming job, but one we are always willing and qualified to undertake. The Aventador is an aeronautically designed car with extensive use of carbon fibre in the monocoque and this car features rare Nero Aldebaran Coachwork. The windscreen had been damaged requiring expert work to both fit the windscreen and return it to pristine condition.

In order access the windscreen, it was necessary for our expert team to remove some interior roof panels. This allowed us to access the wiring before removing the windscreen, to ensure no damage to the complex, high tech system. With the incredible workmanship evident in these cars, this meant that the damaged windscreen was both extremely tight to remove as well as replace. This left us with no room for error, requiring the utmost in precision fitting. Patience was paramount to create an excellent finish sure to delight this beautiful car’s owner. Our work speaks for itself, with this amazing example of Italian design leaving our repair centre looking as good as the day it rolled out of the factory.

Quality Fit Windscreens’ care and expertise is why we are renowned in the automotive industry as premier windscreen repair and replacement specialists. We treat every car we handle with the utmost care and respect, which is reflected in our work. If you would like to find out about our windscreen repair and replacement for prestige cars, contact us today! Our highly skilled technicians will be happy to help you.