Windscreen Repair

A chipped or cracked windscreen is a hazard to yourself, your passengers and others on the road. A damaged windscreen can obscure your vision, and most chips or cracks will make your car un-roadworthy. Your windscreen forms a major structural component on your car. As a result, you need your windscreen repaired, fast! Quality Fit Windscreens offers a state-of-the-art mobile windscreen repair service so you get back on the road sooner and safer.

The Windscreen Repair Process

Quality Fit Windscreen’s repair procedure takes about 20 – 30 minutes. We begin by cleaning the chip of any glass fragmentation; this gives a clean area that the resin can adhere to.

Once the area is clean, our technicians use a vacuum type device to remove any trapped air from the windscreen chip. We inject liquid acrylic resin into the glass damage.

We then cure the resin using an ultra violet lamp, which only takes a few minutes. After this procedure the resin dries to a substance stronger than the glass itself. As a result, this restores strength to the damaged glass.

Finally, our team removes any excess resin from the windscreen, and polish the repair to ensure the surface is smooth. The chip repair is now complete and ready to go.

We offer a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car.

Can My Windscreen Be Repaired?

Bulls Eye Chip Repair

To determine whether a windscreen chip damage can be repaired, depends on the Zone the damage is in. Use the following as a guide:-

A Zone: Damage up to 10mm (approx. end of AAA Battery)

B Zone: Damage up to 15mm (approx. end of AA Battery)

C Zone: Damage up to 25 mm (approx. $1 coin)

D Zone: Damage up to 40mm (approx. 4mm either side of a 50 cent coin)

For a quick visual guide place the appropriate coin on the chip.

For more details, or to make a booking, call Quality Fit Windscreens on 1300 279 022