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*Special price offers apply to Category A Windscreens used on popular smaller cars. These screens do not have special tinting, rain sensor provisions or radio antennae.

Call to see what windscreen is required for your car.

Windscreen chip repairs can be done at your home or workplace. The windscreen chip will need to be assessed to ensure that the chip is repairable. Larger, deeper or multiple chips may be more expensive. Chip repairs can start from as little as $88.00.

Quality Fit Windscreens (replace with Quality Fit Windscreens where required) are professional windscreen repair specialists. We are able to assess your windscreen chip and let you know if it is repairable or requires a replacement. This can depend on the size of the “star”, the degree of fragmentation and the depth of the chip. If the windscreen is deemed repairable, Quality Fit Windscreens (replace with Quality Fit Windscreens where required) apply a precise 4 stage process to repair the chip:

  1. Thoroughly clean the windscreen’
  2. Remove air and moisture from the chipped area and possible between the windscreen laminations
  3. Inject a special resin into the chip to fill all the cracks and replace the missing micro glass pieces
  4. Polish the surface of the repair

Chip repairs cannot 100% repair a windscreen but you will be amazed at how the chip has almost vanished.