Choosing a Quality Windscreen Repairer

When it comes to your windscreen, you should always look for a quality windscreen repairer who can also provide a replacement service. After all, your windscreen not only protects you from the wind and debris from the road. It is also an important structural component for your car. It helps support the roof of your car, as well as ensuring your airbags deploy correctly in the event of a crash.

Which is why, when it comes to repairing or replacing your windscreen, you want to be sure you’re having quality work done. Today we’re going to discuss the importance of choosing a quality windscreen repairer.

Quality Windscreen Repairer

Quality Glass Repair Over Cheap Glass Repair

As we said above, your windscreen plays an extremely important role in the safety of you and your passengers. It also plays a crucial role in the structural integrity of your car. So you want to know you are getting the highest quality glass and repair services. Quality Fit Windscreens have been providing quality windscreen replacement and repair for over 100 years. Our friendly team has been helping drivers across Melbourne get back on the road safely. When repairing your windscreen, we inject a special resin into the affected area. This can repair small chips, cracks, and scratches. Our team are experts when it comes to luxury and commercial vehicles. As a result, we can make specialised repairs suited to your vehicles. All repairs done will ensure your windscreen is as strong as the original windscreen.

Does your windscreen need replacing? Will your repairer need to install new windows? You need to know that your chosen repairer has the right materials on hand. Our technicians are also experts at windscreen replacements. They will assess whether your windscreen needs a repair or replacement. We will assure all work done will be as strong, and safe, as the original glass. We utilise high quality glass that is compliant with Australian and International standards. Our team specialise in classic cars and luxury, so we only use genuine glass (i.e. genuine Mercedes glass) in all our windscreen and autoglass replacements. No matter how hard it is to source, we guarantee we use only the highest quality, genuine glass on your prized vehicle.

Quality Fit Windscreens also have technicians trained in repairing commercial vehicles including tractors, excavators, and buses. We can offer genuine glass replacements and expert repairs on your commercial vehicle, to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Years of Experience Over New ApprenticesWindscreen Repair Services

Doing the job right the first time enables you to drive your car away without any worries. This means you need highly skilled technicians with years of experience working on your vehicle. Unfortunately, many popular windscreen replacement services claim to have 90+ years of experience. However they only give their apprentices minimal amounts training before sending them out on the road as full technicians. This results in gaps in windscreens that are not fitted properly. This means clients return months later for another round of repairs and replacements.

They are also, often, unable to source the correct glass for classic and luxury vehicles. This means you have to work with regular glass that might not suit your vehicle. Further, it also might not work with the complex technology embedded in the windscreen of your luxury vehicle. These services sell you on their years of experience but the technicians working on your vehicle might not even have a year of windscreen repair or replacement experience under their belt.

At Quality Fit Windscreens our 100 years of experience comes from the combined knowledge of our technicians. Our highly skilled team has extensive knowledge and experience working with all makes and models cars. From luxury and classic vehicles to commercial vehicles, our team are experts at repairs and replacements on all vehicles. Whether your car windscreen or window has seen only slight damage or suffered a complete break, Quality Fit Windscreens will assess the issue and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

The Emergency Windscreen ExperienceQuality Windscreen Repairer

Quality Fit Windscreens has built a reputation across Melbourne for our quality repairs and replacements. We specialise in quality replacements and repairs, as well as our emergency services that can come to you, no matter where you are. At home or at work, our team can come assess your car and perform your repair or replacement to get you back on the road sooner and safer. And our speciality work on custom and luxury cars has made us the repairer of choice by car collectors across Melbourne.

Quality Fit Windscreens is the leader in autoglass and windshield glass repair across Melbourne, and one of the trusted names among motorists, from commercial vehicle drivers to luxury and classic car enthusiasts, and everything in between. Our team prides itself in providing quality workmanship and we commit ourselves to providing the service to every customer we serve.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to ensure you can get back on the road safely. All our technicians are extensively trained in repairs and replacements for all models and makes of cars, and we retrain every year to keep on top of the newest technology embedded into your windscreens. We want you to have the best experience possible with Quality Fit Windscreens, so we are continually updating our knowledge and experience to serve you better.

If you are looking for a quality windscreen repairer, contact us today for more information on our services.