Is Your Windscreen at Risk of a Stress Crack?

Stress cracks surprise many drivers. And many of us have encountered this issue ourselves at one point or another. Most of us can’t pinpoint where or why a stress crack began. Today we are going to discuss the nature of stress cracks, what they are, how to identify them and how to repair them.

What Causes a Stress Crack?

Stress cracks can occur due to fluctuating temperatures as the seasons change or during extreme weather. They can also occur due to vibrations caused by uneven roads. Over time these factors can cause parts of the windscreen to develop dangerous weak spots. Eventually these weak spots crack with even the slightest amount of pressure.

These weak spots can also form due to structural defects that may occur when a windscreen is incorrectly install, residual stress on the windscreen’s edges, or the heating and cooling process of the windscreen. Further, if your dashboard, airbags or roof are in poor condition, these can also cause a stress crack.

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Where is a Stress Crack More Likely to Develop?

The edge of your windscreen is the most susceptible area of your windscreen for stress cracks. While these cracks might seem small and innocuous at first, they can quickly become large and cause even more damage. The larger the damage, the more likely it is that you will need a major repair or a complete windscreen replacement. This is especially true if your car is often exposed to temperature fluctuations or you often drive on uneven roads.

How to Identify a Stress Crack

So how do you know if the damage to your windscreen is related to a stress crack? To begin, check the crack or crack pattern. See if the damage appears random, without a real cause. Stress cracks also tend to run along the edge of the windscreen. A professional eye is the best bet to identify a stress crack. If you suspect your windscreen is affected by a stress crack, call the team at Quality Fit Windscreens, today. We can help you identify the cause of your crack and get it fixed, ASAP!

What to Do If You Suspect You Have a Stress Crack

If you suspect you have a stress crack, or you just have a crack that needs repairing, it is important to have your car assessed and repaired by a professional. A crack can quickly grow, making the windscreen weaker. Not only can this put you at risk of hefty fines, it also impacts the safety of your car.

Your windscreen is a major structural component of your car. Not only does this mean you are at risk of flying glass from the crack, entering the car, you are also at risk of airbags not deploying appropriately. Even a small crack can obscure your vision, especially at night, raising the chance of a car accident.

As with any type of crack, it is important you take your car to a professional repair service, like Quality Fit Windscreens, to have it properly repaired or replaced. Even the smallest crack can cause severe damage with the smallest bump.

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How Do We Repair a Cracked Windscreen?

Quality Fit Windscreens understand the importance of a procedure, which is why we have an easy, 4 step process when it comes to repair your windscreen.

  1. The scratch, chip or crack is cleaned to remove dirt, debris and glass fragments so the resin can bond more effectively and improve the appearance of the end result
  2. Our technician applies a vacuum seal over the damaged windscreen to remove air trapped inside the damage as we apply the liquid resin, which is pushed into every single gap and crack
  3. When the resin has completely filled the damaged area, we cure it with a UV light so the resin is strong and hard
  4. The technician then scrapes, cleans and polishes the area to ensure the surface is smooth and clear, so the damaged area will be nearly impossible to see

How Tough is Your Windscreen

What is the Cost to Repair a Stress Crack?

The cost of repairing a stress crack depends on the location and the size of the crack. However, if the crack is within the driver’s vision area, then you made need a more costly windscreen replacement. As a result, it is important to bring your car in for repair as soon as possible.

You can avoid a repair by trying to avoid uneven roads or extreme fluctuations in temperature. For example, don’t wash your windscreen with cold water when it has been in the hot, summer sun all day. Further, don’t pour hot water on your car in winter to clear frost.

If you can’t avoid rough roads, make sure you go slowly and carefully. While you should never race down uneven and rough roads to begin with, it is even more dangerous on your windscreen. Even the smallest vibration could ultimately cause a stress crack.

Should you notice your windscreen develop a chip, crack or what you suspect is a stress crack, contact the team at Quality Fit Windscreens immediately. By acting quickly, you might be able to undergo a simple repair rather than an expensive windscreen replacement. Contact us today to take advantage of our convenient mobile services.