How Much Does a Toyota Windscreen Replacement Cost?

A damaged windscreen or other auto glass can be both aesthetically unsightly and potentially quite hazardous. Even a small pebble can cause a sizable chip in your windscreens, which can result in costly Toyota windscreen replacement costs. In this article, we will explain the repair and replacement of Toyota windscreens, as well as the cost of a Toyota windscreens replacement.

Toyota Windscreen Replacement

Factors Affecting The Cost of Toyota Windscreen Replacement

  1. Type Of Windscreen

There are three primary varieties of Toyota windscreens: laminated, tempered, and float glass. 

Laminated Glass

Using a layer of PVB plastic, two pieces of glass are bonded together to create laminated glass. This sort of windscreen typically carries a somewhat expensive price tag because of the number of variables involved in its production, such as its thickness and safety grade.

Tempered Glass

Normal float glass is heated and then rapidly cooled to produce tempered glass. Due to the time-intensive operation of eliminating all sharp edges, it may be more expensive to replace


Float Glass Windscreen Replacement for Toyota cars

Pouring molten glass onto a bed of molten tin yields float glass. It is less resistant to temperature fluctuations and impacts than tempered and laminated windscreen glass, but it is often cheaper.

  1. Make, Year, and Model of The Car

Your vehicle’s Toyota model varies in body, features, and pricing. The year of manufacture is a key cost factor, as are newer models and premium brands with greater features. Toyota Windscreen Replacement is more expensive if your vehicle has ADAS in the windscreens, like cameras, sensors, speed zone recognition, lane departure, automatic braking, radars, or lasers.

  1. Severity Of The Damage

How much it costs to fix your windscreens chips will also depend on how bad the damage is. If the cracks are small, it may be possible to fix the glass instead of getting a whole new car windscreen. But if the crack is big or there are other problems, like damage to the panels or sensors around it, it may be less expensive and take less time just to replace the windscreen. 

  1. The Damage Spot

The price will also depend on where the damage is on your car’s windscreens. If it’s in a place where it can be fixed, the total cost will be less than if it’s in a place where it has to be replaced.

  1. Whether Or Not The Glass TintedToyota vehicles are our speciality

Since they are made of standard float glass, standard windscreens tend to be less expensive than the safety and tinted glasses. Safety car windscreens are more expensive because they are more resistant to impacts and changes in temperature. Tinted car windscreens are even more expensive because they need more equipment to put on the tinted film.

Toyota Windscreen Repair

If a rock, gravel, or other pieces of road debris hit your windscreen while you were driving in Australia, it may have been damaged. This damage might look like a small chip in the glass that doesn’t go very deep and doesn’t cover much of the windscreens.


In this case, a chip repair will be better for you. Professional repair shops, like Quality Fit Windscreens, have mobile services that can come to you wherever you are. Our technicians can look at the damage to your windscreens and tell you if you need to fix it or get a new one.

Toyota Windscreen Replacement experts in our field

Replacing windscreens is an expensive job. A broken windscreen can happen when a small chip grows into a large crack that can’t be fixed and blocks the driver’s view. The way the glass is made, if your Toyota windscreen is broken, it can stop your airbag from deploying properly and stop a window from breaking safely.


If a crack forms over the driver’s line of sight, your Toyota is no longer safe to drive, and you could be fined a lot of money. Your car is also now very dangerous. 


No matter why you need new windscreens for your Toyota, Quality Fit Windscreens can come to you to do the job. Modern windscreens are made with many different kinds of technology that technicians need to consider when they replace your windscreens and get you back on the road faster. It is also a big part of how much it will cost to replace the windscreens on your Toyota.

Conclusionrepacement and repair that is mobile

If you need new windscreens, it’s important to know that the price will depend on several things. Quality Fit Windscreens use both aftermarket and genuine Toyota glass to make sure you get the best windscreens. If you have a Toyota that needs new or fixed windscreens, contact our team in Melbourne right away. We can give you advice and fix or replace your windscreens. We can tell you how much it will cost to replace the windscreens on your Toyota.