Taking Care of Your New Windscreen

caring for new windscreen

After your windscreen is replaced or repaired, the next 1-2 hrs are critical to ensure your new windscreen settles properly. This is integral to ensure that your windshield continues to protect your and your passengers. So how do you properly take care of your new windscreen after repair or replacement?

1: Let the Windscreen Set and Dry

The special adhesive used to fix your windscreen in place and create a watertight seal, requires 1-2 hours to properly set and safe to drive. However, you can still use your car in this time. You will need to wait at least an hour after the windscreen has been installed before you can drive, depending on the weather, certain humidities affect the drying time.  Emergency Windscreens has Melbourne’s leading mobile response team for this very reason! We can repair or replace your windscreen at work or at home, so that your car is ready to go as soon as possible.

By choosing a mobile service, you can have your car repaired at a time that suits you – at the end of the day, after you have finished driving for the day, or during work hours, so your car is ready to go when you are.

2: Don’t Slam Your Car Doors – MYTH

Within the first 1- 2 hours after your windscreen repair or replacement, you need to ensure you don’t slam your car doors. You need to make a point of closing any car doors gently. Sudden changes in pressure inside the car, as well as jolts, can cause the still-curing seal around your windscreen to tear. As a result, you may need to call in a repair technician again.

3: Ensure Your Dashboard is Clear

clear dashboard after windscreen replacement
Keep your dashboard clear for at least 2 days after windscreen replacement.

While you might use your dashboard as another storage space, you should avoid putting anything on your dashboard for at least two days after the windscreen has been replaced. If you are using a sunshade inside your car, avoid using it for those two days as well.

You want to avoid having anything press or push up against the windscreen while the seal is curing. By having items pressing or pushing against the windscreen, you run the risk of having something stick to the seal, shifting the windscreen out of place, or weakening the seal.

You should also avoid putting covers over your car for these two days, for the same reasons.

4: Do Not Remove Any Tape

Sometimes it may be necessary for your technician to put some retention tape over the new seals. This is especially the case on the outside of the windscreen. This tape helps keep the seal clear of debris and safe from the elements while it is drying. While the tape might not be aesthetically pleasing, it is a critical part of the curing process. It should not be removed for the first 3-6 hours. If you are unsure about the retention tape or when it can be removed, contact your expert technician.

5: Avoid Automatic Car Washes

wash after windscreen replacement
If you need to wash your car ASAP after windscreen replacement, opt for a hand wash!

Is your car very dirty? Do you need to have it cleaned immediately? You can wash your car between 2 – 6 hours later. If you can’t wait two day for the windscreen to completely cure, you will need to opt for a gentle hand wash, rather than an automated car wash. Further, you absolutely need to avoid the use of high-pressure hoses for 24 hours after your windscreen replacement or repair.

Using a high-pressure hose or an automatic car wash can damage the seal while it is still setting and drying. It can also cause the windscreen to shift or move, require more repairs.

While these five steps might be inconvenient, they will ensure your windscreen sets properly after repair. The last thing you need is another costly repair if your windscreen suddenly cracks or leaks. After those first 24 hours, you can return to using your car as normal.

Concerned about your windscreen? Want a crack or chip repaired or replaced? Contact the experts at Quality Fit Windscreens today!